Sunday, May 24, 2009

When the cooler is full,

and you buy too much stuff at the farmers' market, you have to improvise!

This is a great way to keep greens fresh without refrigeration. Works for herbs too. On the left is arugula and on the right is swiss chard. Both bought yesterday from the Organic Farmers' Market. The swiss chard is starting to wilt so I'll be cooking that up tonight. But the arugula is going strong.

Hopefully soon I'll have some greens growing in the garden so I will just be able to go out and pick what I want when I want it.


Scout said...

I love reading about your life without a refrigerator!!! My SO and I have made a lot of changes in our lifestyle and shopping habits over the past couple of years, but he is **nowhere** close to being interested in trying to go fridge-less. We still have (gasp!) a "beer" fridge in the basement. Even so, each time you post about not having a fridge, it shows me how feasible it is, which makes me think about it a little bit more. Those little bits of thinking are what got us as far as we've come, so we may yet get there one day! Thanks :)

Green Grrl said...

Scout - thanks! :) My dear hubby is not nearly as crazy, I mean passionate, about greening as I am either.

So we've approached all our changes as experiments (hence the name of the blog). Each thing we've implemented has been on a trial basis at first, and if it didn't work, we would stop doing it. For both of us it was easier to get our heads around "let's try going without a fridge" for a week, than let's unplug the fridge for good.

And we stuck to the experiment mentality. When we turned the heat down this winter and it ended up being too cold for us, we turned it up a bit. No sense being miserable (of course now I'm already planning things we can do next winter so the apartment doesn't feel so cold).

Anyway, all that to say its doing something that's important. And you're doing it so keep up the good work! :)