Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An inspirational start to the OECD ICT conference

As I sat in front of my computer this morning at 3am, all I could think of was how lucky I am to have the opportunity to attend this conference!

How often does one get to hear a former prime minister, and prominent members of industry and government from around the world, speak about greening. Not only greening but greening of, and using, IT. A subject near and dear to my heart.

The key messages from the keynote presentations were:

1. the ICT sector has a key role to play in the climate and economic crisis
2. innovation and international collaboration is required
3. a results based measurement framework is needed to evaluate and ensure emissions reductions.

But the talk was not solely of concepts and frameworks. Japan and Korea shared elements of their plans which will produce substantial carbon emissions reductions. Korea's stimulus package was highlighted as being the most green of all the OECD countries. Indeed it was stated that their package is "all about green". These countries are really leading the way.

My favourite quote from this morning comes from Esko Aho, Executive Vice President, Nokia; Former Prime Minister of Finland.

"we are poised to transform years of rhetoric into action - we need to change the way we work...the way we live"


Laura said...

Thanks - I needed to hear something inspiring today! This is good news indeed and I totally love that measuring results is top of mind.

Are there any Canadians participating in the Conference? (besides you of course!)

Green Grrl said...

Thought you'd like the bit about results measurement. :)

No Canadians are mentioned in the speaker list (although not all speakers' countries are noted).

There must be some other Canadians in attendance though.

Any Canadians out there? Leave me a comment or tweet me at @green_grrl

arturelis said...

Laura - thanks for following the Conf.

we have Richard Simpson from Industry Canada. He will be chairing summary sessions in the afternoon of 28 May.

also, Trevor Bowden from Big Room will present in the consumers session. topic: .ECO domain and venture capital in consumer web applications.

and as you say: we are happy to have Rachel blogging about our event!

full programme under


Green Grrl said...

Thanks Arthur - I also just noticed that Heather Creech, Director Global Connectivity, International Institute for Sustainable Development
(Canada) is also a speaker in today's innovation session