Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gasoline Wednesday

Another good week for my gasoline consumption. Here are the numbers:
Bus = 41.8km
Car= 4km

That works out to 0.3225 gallons of gas.

Which means for the Riot for Austerity I am holding steady at 4% for last week. Average for the last 3 weeks is 3%.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Consumer goods day

Last week we bought..... no consumer goods. :)

What we did buy:

Some great food from the farmer's market.
Gas for the car
Other random food items from Loeb, Nature's Buzz, Arturo's.
A pizza

Think that's about it.

So for the Riot this week we are at 0%. Combined with last week we are at 2%.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Foody Friday (one day late)

Lost a few days this week (as in, I got lazy and didn't write it all down thinking that my memory would be enough. It wasn't).
So here are my estimates:
30% local
5% dry bulk
65% wet goods

This is what I am working towards. (scroll to the end to see the section on food)

Not a good week generally food-wise. I am starting a new job in a week I had a few lunches out with colleagues. Next week will be more of the same. So I'll just have to make sure I'm being really good with lunches and dinners.

Worst meal (local-wise and organic-wise) of last week was:
Brunch at the Vanier Sugar Shack. Eggs, bacon, hash browns, beans, pancakes. Only thing that was local was the syrup. But let me tell ya it was TAS-TY.

Best meal of last week was:

Roast leg of lamb (from Almonte), Roast potatoes (from a friend - local), Roast carrots from Terre a Terre. For dessert - apple cake made with spelt flour from Little Stream Bakery, apples from the organic farmers market, maple sugar from carp, butter from Organic Meadow, egg from Almonte, milk from Organic Meadow and a little bit of non-local brown sugar, vanilla and spices.

And since I'm talking about food, here is what I got from the the Organic Farmers' market this week:
  • carrots

  • apples

  • potatoes

  • parsnips

  • spinach

  • arugula

  • cheese

  • butter

  • a raspberry pastry from Little Stream

*just about all items were local. Only questionable items were the cheese and butter. They are from L'AncĂȘtre. Is questionable because the milk comes from a number of farmers and they don't say where they are located (although I think they are all in Quebec).

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gasoline Wednesday!

Here are the deets for last week:

Bus=16km = 9.94mi = .0994 gallons gasoline
Car=27.3km = 16.963mi = .424 gallons gasoline
Feet=16km = 9.94mi = 0 gallons gasoline *doesn't include walks for fun

So for this week I used 4% of the average amount.

And my average for the last 2 weeks is 3%.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A request - action required by 3pm

From the David Suzuki foundation:

What's at stake?

The bill – C-377, the Climate Change Accountability Act - would set science-based emission reduction targets for Canada.

What's happening?

The bill is stuck before the House of Commons environment committee. Some members (see partial list below) have been blocking progress by not letting other members of the committee talk. If the filibuster continues, this bill could be killed.

What you can do now

If you want real progress on climate change to happen, let committee members know you want them to end the stalemate and allow the committee to get back to work. They meet 3pm EST Wednesday, April 9, so tell them to let the bill go through ASAP.

Please call, email, write or visit the following members of the Environment Committee and Government responsible for blocking the work of the Environment Committee. Copy your own Member of Parliament, the Prime Minister, and your local newspaper:

Luc Harvey, MP for Louis-Hebert,QC, Tel:(418) 648-3244
Maurice Vellacott, MP for Saskatoon-Wanuskewin, SK, Tel.: (306) 975-4725
Jeff Watson, MP for Essex, ON (519) 776-4700
Mark Warawa, MP for Langley, BC, (604) 534-5955
Hon. John Baird, MP for Ottawa-West Nepean, ON, (613) 990-7720
Right Hon. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, AB, Tel (403) 253-7990

Monday, April 7, 2008

Consumer Goods Day!

Oh man, I'm crap. I didn't even make it through one week without forgetting to do one of my new posts. In my defense I thought that Consumer Goods Day was Monday. Ooops!

Anyway, the good news is that my list of consumer goods purchased last week is short.

Items bought last week:
1. A variety of (new) fuses for the house
(tenant thought that one had blown but hadn't so was an unnecessary purchase - dang!)

This means for the Riot we are at 4%. For now.

*Consumer goods does not include: food, services, and consumable essentials. My list includes:
  • soap (laundry, dish, body etc.), local, bulk and organic as much as possible

  • 100% recycled paper toilet paper - am inspired by Unstuffed, Crunchy Chicken and No Impact man but I'm not ready to go there yet

  • deodorant

  • soil for gardening - will be getting my soil from here this year - no packaging and local!

-probably a few more things but that's all I can think of for now.

The bottom line is that consumer goods means 'stuff'. Clothes, books, cds, vases, lamps, cookie sheets, cell phone, video games etc.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Foody Friday

My goal for food (as per the Riot) is:

70% local
25% dry bulk
5% wet goods (conventional foods, processed foods fall under this category).

I finally started keeping track of the food that I'm eating on Monday, and since then I did approx:

40% local
5% dry bulk
55% wet goods

Best meal was dinner on Monday:

Made a frittata with spinach from - Terre a Terre, peas from Ferme la rosee (frozen in the summer), cheese from Organic Meadow, 2 eggs from Almonte, milk from Organic Meadow, salt. Yummy pickled beets on the side (thank you to L's Mom).
dessert - stewed apple and rhubard (frozen in the summer), with Mapleton's vanilla icecream (Elora, ON)

Worst meal (actually worst day) was Wednesday:

-cafeteria muffin for breakfast
-buffet Indian food for lunch (veg)
-lemonade and cookie (at Aunt Olive's)
-delivery pizza for dinner (not veg)


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gasoline Wednesday!

Since I only decided to do this on Monday I don't have details for the whole week. Instead I can do the last 5 days. So since Friday I:

Took public transit (bus): 16km
Used a car: 3.3km
Used my feet: 14km *doesn't include walks for fun

The Riot calculates everything in miles and gallons so the calculation looks like:
9.94 miles public transit (100mpg)
2.05 miles car (40mpg)

So that works out to 0.15 gal used for 5 days.

And as far as the Riot goes that's approx. 2% of average.

Which is cool. But this was a really good week and didn't include trips to see family (which we have to drive to), or any major errands (which might have required a car).