Saturday, April 12, 2008

Foody Friday (one day late)

Lost a few days this week (as in, I got lazy and didn't write it all down thinking that my memory would be enough. It wasn't).
So here are my estimates:
30% local
5% dry bulk
65% wet goods

This is what I am working towards. (scroll to the end to see the section on food)

Not a good week generally food-wise. I am starting a new job in a week I had a few lunches out with colleagues. Next week will be more of the same. So I'll just have to make sure I'm being really good with lunches and dinners.

Worst meal (local-wise and organic-wise) of last week was:
Brunch at the Vanier Sugar Shack. Eggs, bacon, hash browns, beans, pancakes. Only thing that was local was the syrup. But let me tell ya it was TAS-TY.

Best meal of last week was:

Roast leg of lamb (from Almonte), Roast potatoes (from a friend - local), Roast carrots from Terre a Terre. For dessert - apple cake made with spelt flour from Little Stream Bakery, apples from the organic farmers market, maple sugar from carp, butter from Organic Meadow, egg from Almonte, milk from Organic Meadow and a little bit of non-local brown sugar, vanilla and spices.

And since I'm talking about food, here is what I got from the the Organic Farmers' market this week:
  • carrots

  • apples

  • potatoes

  • parsnips

  • spinach

  • arugula

  • cheese

  • butter

  • a raspberry pastry from Little Stream

*just about all items were local. Only questionable items were the cheese and butter. They are from L'AncĂȘtre. Is questionable because the milk comes from a number of farmers and they don't say where they are located (although I think they are all in Quebec).

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