Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gasoline Wednesday!

Since I only decided to do this on Monday I don't have details for the whole week. Instead I can do the last 5 days. So since Friday I:

Took public transit (bus): 16km
Used a car: 3.3km
Used my feet: 14km *doesn't include walks for fun

The Riot calculates everything in miles and gallons so the calculation looks like:
9.94 miles public transit (100mpg)
2.05 miles car (40mpg)

So that works out to 0.15 gal used for 5 days.

And as far as the Riot goes that's approx. 2% of average.

Which is cool. But this was a really good week and didn't include trips to see family (which we have to drive to), or any major errands (which might have required a car).

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