Friday, April 4, 2008

Foody Friday

My goal for food (as per the Riot) is:

70% local
25% dry bulk
5% wet goods (conventional foods, processed foods fall under this category).

I finally started keeping track of the food that I'm eating on Monday, and since then I did approx:

40% local
5% dry bulk
55% wet goods

Best meal was dinner on Monday:

Made a frittata with spinach from - Terre a Terre, peas from Ferme la rosee (frozen in the summer), cheese from Organic Meadow, 2 eggs from Almonte, milk from Organic Meadow, salt. Yummy pickled beets on the side (thank you to L's Mom).
dessert - stewed apple and rhubard (frozen in the summer), with Mapleton's vanilla icecream (Elora, ON)

Worst meal (actually worst day) was Wednesday:

-cafeteria muffin for breakfast
-buffet Indian food for lunch (veg)
-lemonade and cookie (at Aunt Olive's)
-delivery pizza for dinner (not veg)


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