Thursday, May 21, 2009

Garden update

Thanks to everyone for the help on the raspberries! I went with a multi-pronged approach and have been pulling off leaves that are in bad shape AND making sure they are getting enough water. The leaf situation has not gotten worse. I still don't know what's doing it but it seems to be under control.

Sadly, the gooseberries are another story. I wasn't so worried about them at first - I knew they were getting eaten but I knew what was doing it. Chubby green caterpillars. I figured I could see them, so I can pull them off.

Easily 400 squished caterpillars later and I am about to admit defeat. There are just so dang many of them. The plants are pretty decimated. Is a real bummer because they are covered in tiny gooseberries which I'm assuming won't turn into anything without the leaves. Here's an example of the damage. About 60% of the plants look like this. Just sticks. :-(

Ah well. You win some you lose some.

In other garden news the broad beans I planted in the ground a few weeks ago are pushing up through the soil (and I've covered the area with sticks to try to prevent the squirrels from digging them all up).

I've also planted 5 types of heirloom beans (3 bush and 2 pole): Scarlet runner, Ozark, Hopi black, royal burgundy and Thibodeau du Compte Beauce. And two types of peas - regular shelling pea (I forget the offical name) and Spanish Skyscraper (I'm hoping to increase the garden yeild by making better use of vertical space. These peas are supposed to grow to 7 feet).

This weekend I'm hoping to pick up some tomato seedlings at the farmers market and I've got 54 seed potatoes sitting beside me sprouting away. Soon they'll be planted in some awesome potato towers built by hubby. Actually they will probably be in all manner of containers because 54 is a crap load of seed potatoes!

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