Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lots of information at OECD ICT this morning!

So much in fact that I want to share a number of links:

There has been a lot of discussion about the importance of improving data centre efficiency. The EU has developed a code of conduct on this subject that appears at first glance to be quite comprehensive.

As expected the 2% figure that accounts for the contribution to global emissions from the ICT sector has been frequently mentioned. But there was another figure noted that was new to me. That is that the ICT sector could enable emissions reductions of 15% (or 7.8 Gt CO2e) by 2020. The figure comes from a report called Smart 2020. This report makes a key note that the ICT sector "must keep its own growing footprint in check and overcome a number of hurdles if it expects to deliver on this potential".

Google highlighted the efforts that they are undertaking to green their operations. And also noted a number of green ICT initiatives they are involved with such as Climate Savers - smart computing and Power Down for the Planet.

For anyone who is not attending the conference but is interested in the discussions, all the presentations are available on the OECD ict site (cilck on room1 and then click on the presentations tab). They may not be available once the conference is over though.

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