Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My new favourite method of transportation

This is my bike. I love this bike. I love it because it has a basket in the back I can put my purse in. I love it because nothing is quick release so I don't have to worry about wheels, the seat etc being stolen. I love it because my best buddy (@resultsjunkie) bought it for me for my birthday from a second hand bike shop.

And now I love it because for the last 2 weeks, this baby has been getting me to work and back. No more 1hr, 2 bus commute. Now I have a 45 min ride. 10km each way (yes, I'm slow but it only has 6 gears and my legs are laz-y!). Half of it along Ottawa's fabulous bike paths. So instead of listening to teenagers on the bus...

"you know, I like, really love the number 33"
"totally, that's like, one of my favourite numbers. Actually, that IS my favourite number!"

Now I get to see a Dad and daughter sitting on a bench reading books. And baby canada geese. And flowers.

I put this off for such a long time because I was scared of riding through downtown traffic. Even after mapping out a really great route, it still took me a year to take that first ride.

I can't believe I let my fear get in the way for as long as I did. Carbon free transportation, that is faster and more fun. Love it.


Irma said...

I live in a much smaller city than Ottawa, but I admit that I, too, would be scared to ride my bike to work in crazy ass rush hour traffic, despite the bike lanes we have on the major roads.

On the other hand, my husband and I work in the same building, and due to health problems he could NEVER ride a bike to if I wasn't "carpooling" with him, he'd be driving our car all by himself. So no environmental gain.

(See? See how I did that, turned my laziness into a virtue???)

Scout said...

Good for you! You've given me pause to rethink my own commute again :) I got my bike 2 or 3 years ago with the intention of riding to work, but the traffic scares me too. I could ride part of the way on the paths, but it would add >3 km to the ride, which is already a 10 km ride.

So I have questions ... what made you decide to just bite the bullet? Do you ride every day? If so, was it hard on your legs (or other parts) to suddenly start riding all the time? What do you do in the rain?

Ooooh, my head is spinning ... maybe I need to just bite the bullet and get my legs spinning instead! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Green Grrl said...

Hi Irma,
You are talking to the queen of rationalization, I totally understand how that works. :)

Also I'm not sure lazy is an apt description given all the work you have been putting into your new veg garden! Looking forward to seeing more pics.

Hi Scout!
Lots of good questions. The day I bit the bullet and first rode to work was a day I only had to work half a day (on account of a conference). I figured there would be less traffic since I wasn't riding in rush hour so it would be a good test. That was all it took. After the first ride I was hooked.

I haven't yet been riding every day. I had only been riding on really nice days, but the other day when I rode home it was raining a little and that was fine. So I think it won't be long before I'm riding rain or shine. It's just so much fun! I can't believe how much I miss it when I have to take the bus.

Oh and yeah, I get sore as anything. My legs are waaaay out of shape. But it's getting better. And I haven't yet had a day when I've had to get off the bike because I was too sore to go on. Been close, but I'm stubborn. :) Besides, I love that I don't have to do any other exercise. No more jogging for me!