Sunday, April 5, 2009


We had a great time today at the annual family day at our local sugar shack.

First we ate a delicious breakfast smothered in syrup. The guy handing out the styrofoam plates said "thanks!" when he saw I had my own plate. :)

After eating, we wandered around looking at the sled dogs. I SO wanted to take the one home that cried every time someone stopped petting him. Then we checked out the lumberjack competition. FINALLY we made our way over to the maple taffy stand (also known as THE reason for going to the sugar shack).

For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure, they make the taffy by boiling the syrup until it is thick and then pour it over snow or crushed ice and then they roll the taffy onto a stick. Mmmmmmm sweet maple goodness.

I love this sugar shack because it's the only one inside the city, it's in our neighbourhood (local maple syrup within walking distance!), and they collect the syrup the old school way with buckets.


Urban Girl said...

So great that they were cool with bringing your own plate!

Am very excited that the Maple Festival is just around the corner - the Vanier Soup Splash is always one of my favorite activities.

Will bring my own bowl!

Green Grrl said...

Oh cool! I've never been to the soup splash. Will have to check it out this year.

I'm excited because the festival is right around the corner! :)