Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great Ottawa event tonight

Thomas Homer-Dixon and William Marsden will be talking about climate change, peak oil and how these two are defining our future. It's one of the great talks happening at the Ottawa Writers Fest. Someone please go and tell me about it - I'm sick and hubby is making me stay in bed (had to sneak out to write this!!). :-)

with Thomas Homer-Dixon and William Marsden

Tickets: $15 / $10 Student or Senior
Free for Festival Members and Carleton Students

The twin crises of climate change and peaking oil production are converging on us. If they are not to cook the planet and topple our civilization, we will need informed and decisive policies, clear-sighted innovation, and a lucid understanding of what is at stake. We depend on carbon energy to fuel our complex economies and societies, and at the same time this very carbon is fatally contaminating our atmosphere. We still have a chance to tackle two monumental challenges with one innovative solution: clean, low-carbon energy. Join editor Thomas Homer-Dixon, author of The Ingenuity Gap and The Upside of Down, and contributor William Marsden, author of Stupid to the Last Drop: How Alberta Is Bringing Environmental Armageddon to Canada (And Doesn’t Seem to Care) for a conversation on their new book Carbon Shift: How the Twin Crises of Oil Depletion and Climate Change Will Define the Future.


Laura said...

Checking if I can get tix. Will live micro blog it on Twitter?

Irma said...

hope you feel better soon.

Green Grrl said...

L - thanks so much for going to that event and for giving me the great briefing!

Irma - thanks for the well wishes!