Monday, April 6, 2009

No more disposable utensils!

After making a utensil carrying case for my friend Unstuffed in trade for some yoga instruction, I decided to make one for myself. I designed it to fit these funny forkknifespoon combo thingys I was given a few years ago. They're a little awkward but they are lightweight which is a bonus because my purse is heavy enough! I also wanted to make sure there was enough room for my cloth napkin and some chopsticks.

I left one slot free in case I find anything else I'd like to carry around (the glass straws that Fake Plastic Fish uses come to mind).

If anyone wants to make their own case, I made it the same way as the crochet case I made a while ago just with slightly larger pieces of fabric (approx. 15"x11" for the large pieces and 6"x11" for the small pieces).

Like the crochet case, this utensil case is made with all second hand materials.

But enough about that, can we talk about this button? I totally love this button! It was in a bag of buttons that my sister-friend (known each other since we were babies so we are like sisters) bought for me on Ebay for Christmas. Thank you C! :)


Anonymous said...

Great idea. I have been lookng for a birthday gift idea for my sister. I want to make something out of recycled material. This is perfect thanks!

Eco Yogini said...

This is cool! I so want some reusable utensils to bring around with me. My problem is I'd have to remember to bring them back and wash them after every use- which why don't I think just bring my own? At the same time, it would be a good idea to just have some utensils at work for those days that I have to buy (GASP) lunch.

Thanks for reminding me :)


sdrv said...


I love your blog, and I read it regularly.

One thing I am wondering about it the "Canadian Averages" that you have listed in your side panel for the various utilities etc.

Have you found one very good and comprehensive source for these numbers?

I have done a lot of searching around, and have found bits and pieces all over the place, but I haven't found one centralized pool of information.

If you can share the sources you have used for this data, it would be very much appreciated.



Anonymous said...

Love love love the case! I especially love the top flap, which To-Go Ware's cases do not have. Oh, and that there's room for a napkin.

Green Grrl said...

Tricia, I'd love to see a pic of the one you make for your sister.

Eco Yogini, it seems I'm keeping utensils all over the place these days. I have a stash at work as well as the ones in this case in my purse. :)

Stephen, thanks! I started writing the info about the stats I have on my main page in this comment but then thought it deserved its own post. Should have that done by the end of the weekend.

HI Fake Plastic Fish! Thanks so much for stopping by! :) So pleased you liked the case. I got the idea for it after seeing To-Go Ware on your site.

If any one tries to make the case and has questions, don't hesitate to drop me a line. Best way to do that is by leaving a comment. I'd say send me a message to my gmail account but I almost never check it.

Anonymous said...

I think this is one of the coolest things you've made so far! Especially the 'This is not a napkin' napkin.

chris said...

Think this is very cool too and you'll get lots of use out of it! So pleased you found that button - Claire x

Robin Majumdar said...

Is that blue plastic sporknife in the pic from Mountain Equipment Coop ? I think I saw it in their catalog recently and was wondering if it's sturdy and functional enough to be a "one utensil per camper/hiker" type of thing?

(Since I'm not going to spend $20 on a titanium set of utensils....