Sunday, April 26, 2009

New clothes!

I bought some clothes last weekend. This was very exciting because:
  1. I hadn't intended to (don't you always find the best clothes when you aren't really looking?) and

  2. Because I actually can't remember the last time I bought clothes. I bought those shoes last November but clothes? Dang, I think it's been at least a year and a half.
To be fair, I have recieved some second hand clothes as gifts during that time, but it's been a long time, since I went shopping, tried some stuff on and actually came home with clothes!

Look at the totally cute stuff I got:

I got these dresses:

The black and white one is for the weddings that I get to go to this summer (needs taking in a bit but otherwise looks great). The other one is just for fun.

Then I got these two tops:

Cute huh? The mauve coloured one is cuter on than it is on the hanger.

So I bet you are all wondering if I totally blew my consumer goods allowance right? (If I'm sticking to the Riot for Austerity, I should only be spending $104.16 a month on consumer goods).

Well the answer is not even close! I got all these gorgeous clothes for only $35. That's right. The total cost for all those (plus some super cute fabric and a long tunic) was only $35. Folks, the Salvation Army is where it is at! You can't believe the great stuff they have there!

Since we are talking about consumer goods, I thought it might be a good time to do a bit of a tally of where we are at. So here goes.

As of Feb. 21, we had spent $111.78. Since then we have spent:

1. Soap - $6
2. Toothpaste x2 - $12
3. Mascara - $30 (I lost all my makeup over the Christmas holidays in transit. Was hoping it would turn up but it hasn't. So I treated myself to some Dr. Hauschka mascara)
4. Dish soap and TP - $8 (Nature Clean dish soap in bulk and tp from Cascades wrapped in paper, no plastic. Both from Arbour Environmental Shoppe)
5. Clothes - $35
6. Rona - $71.18 (misc house stuff bought by hubby)

That comes to a grand total of: $162.18. But according to the Riot rules, I don't have to count the salvation army clothes, so that means the total is more like: $127.18

Add this to the total from last time (111.78) and that give a grand total of $238.96! That's for almost 4 months! Woot! So we are still hovering at 6% of the Canadian average. You'll notice we haven't bought our water filter yet. But we are still going to so that will affect the next numbers.

If you are in the Ottawa area, there are so many great thrift shops worth checking out.

Here is a short list:
What's your favourite thrift store?


Hannah said...

I like the green shirt. Very nice!:)

Robin Majumdar said...

Interesting article... will have to do something similar for deals in the Montreal area.

Wow - didn't know that the Salvation Army was so in tune with Web 2.0 (ugh, dastardly buzzword) with the Twitter and FB accounts.

Green Grrl said...

Thanks Hannah!

Hi Robin! I was equally surprised and impressed re: the Salvation Army. :) If you find any good thrift shops in Mtl, let me know. I'm heading out that way this summer.

Anonymous said...

For used clothing in Ottawa I go to Hush:

and Ragtime Vintage clothing on 43 Flora. I find their stuff a little more stylish and more fun to browse :)

Also, the Value Village at Bank and Walkley is my favorite, although I've always heard the one at Merivale is also quite good.

Green Grrl said...

Anonymous - Ooo, Hush looks cool. Will have to check them out! :) Thanks!