Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Earth Hour day!

We won't be wandering downtown this year to see the lights go off like we did last year.

Instead we are going to eat a veggie meal via beeswax candlelight*, then we are going to go around the house unplugging everything (it doesn't just have to be about the lights!), then at 8:30 we're going to walk around our neighbourhood for the hour. Luckily we are at 14 degrees here in Ottawa today so it should be a lovely walk. :)

What's everyone else planning to do?

*if you are going to burn candles, I'd strongly recommend beeswax. Regular candles are made from crude oil, throw off a lot of CO2 when burning (which kind of negates turning off the lights), and they are just generally unhealthy to be around.


Anonymous said...

We were camping - so had no lights to turn off. I love that you went the extra step of having a veg meal and unplugging everything. Cheers,

raino said...

i was actually out with hubby and i was disappointed to see that the bar we were at did not take part in the earth hour. regardless, my kids were at home and did for half of it until they got too frightened! lol! anyhow, thanks for the info about bees wax candles. i had no idea and i LOVE bees wax candles - just the smell provides me with vivid memories of my childhood. weird hun.

Irma said...

I will forget you said 14 degrees. (witch)

We sat in the dark and played backgammon. I was happy as could be...until Husbandly One powered up his laptop ("only using battery power, Irma!") so he could watch a hockey game on-line.

Sigh. Baby steps, baby steps...

Hannah said...

I participated in Earth Hour! I was sick, but it still felt good to participate.:)
Thanks for the tip about candles, I love to burn them and should switch to beeswax.:)

Green Grrl said...

Littleecofootprints - I'm jealous you were camping! I'm glad it's warming up here but we are still a long way from camping weather.

Raino - sorry to hear the bar you were at didn't participate. When hubby and I were out walking, we went by a Bridgehead as they were distributing candle lanterns to everyone. :)

Irma - ;-p I had the same debate with my hubby about using the laptop. Now I'm day dreaming about a solar charger that I could run our laptop from.

Hannah - hope you are feeling better :) You will love beeswax candles. They smell SO good! Plus there are lots of locally made candles available around town.