Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Free book on the tar sands and other news

Saw this on David Suzuki's twitter today. It's a free book available for download on the tar sands. I've read the first little bit and so far it's good. Easy to read. Written by Andrew Nikiforuk.

In fact there was a lot of green news on twitter today including:
1. Shell's decision to stop all investment in renewable energy to focus instead on biofuels (from the Guardian). Like anyone needs another reason to boycott Shell.

And if you want some good news after that little gem, there was this:

2. Last week, thanks to some gusty winds, Spain generated 40% of their energy requirement though wind power. This was from Ecogeek.

Have I mentioned that I'm becoming a big fan of twitter? If you're on it too, you can find me here.

And to end on a really positive note, there's a free green expo happening this weekend at Lansdowne Park. Looks like it is worth checking out. I'm especially interested in the 'Creating sexy rainwater harvesting systems' seminar.


Hannah said...

Way to go Spain! Now if they could just stop the barbaric practices of bullfights and the running of the bulls, then that would raise them even higher.

Theresa said...

How cool is that about Spain!

Thanks for the link to this free book - I think I will mention it on my blog as well.