Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekly garbage tally

6lbs garbage
3lbs compost
14lbs recycling (paper)

So that's 20lbs total (not counting compost). Yikes. We didn't do so great this week. In my defense we did decide to clean out the filing cabinet. Still I've always known we have too much paper recycling. Now I'm really motivated to do something about it.

As far as the Riot goes, this week we are at 62% of average

16.1x2=32.2 (for 2 people)
20/32.2=62% of average

(28% (last week)+ 62% (this week) ) / 2 = 45% of average over two weeks

The good news is that we produced 1 lb less compost so we are doing well for Crunchy's Food Waste Reduction Challenge

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