Saturday, January 17, 2009


Like unstuffed, I have sinned and purchased something new. But in my case it is somethings (heavy on the s) new, and they are much more frivolous than unstuffed's transgression.

Here's the tally of all the things I've bought so far this year (that I think fall into the consumer goods category of the Riot):

Used (from the Salvation Army):
  1. Lamp base (love this lamp - its in the pic above. You can't really tell from the pic but it's a gorgeous blue) $1.99

  2. 5 crochet hooks: $0.99

  3. Book (will be a gift): $1.99 (was priced at 3.99 but I got $2 off at the register - score!)
Total used: $4.97

  1. Lamp shade for above lamp (from Ikea): $14

  2. New hanging lamp for the living room (also Ikea. Replaced the nasty floor lamp I bought in my first year of university. Only bought it because it was the cheapest lamp I could find and I was poor): $17.99

  3. Essential oils (basil, vetiver and bitter orange): $5.95, $7.95, and $4.95 respectively

  4. Shampoo: $8.50 (yes I know that's a lot but its organic and doesn't have any nasty stuff in it. I'm not ready to go the no 'poo method just yet.)

  5. 1 Urban Forest soap: $5

  6. 4 beeswax tealights: $5.99 (what the? Why did I buy the most expensive tealights in the city?)

  7. glass spritzer bottle (for making aromatherapy facial/room spritzer): $1.99

  8. clf lightbulbs: $17.96
Total new: $90.28

Wow. That's more than I thought I'd spent. Luckily I don't have to count donated items (e.g. from the Salvation army, rummage sales etc.) according to the Riot Rules. But I certainly have to count all that new stuff. Hmmm. If I have my calculations correct, 10% of average on a monthly basis would be $104.16. I'm almost there already and the month isn't over yet!


chris said...

love this lamp.....if you feel too guilty just ship it over to England! Claire

Green Grrl said...

Well I am still looking for the perfect x-mas present for you... :)

Urban Girl said...

that is a great lamp - love the shade you paired it with also.