Friday, January 30, 2009

My Nanna's watch

My Nanna's watch has been sitting unloved at the bottom of my jewelry box for about 10 years.

It was scratched, and a bit ugly - didn't have a strap and was instead on a piece of black elastic (on account of my Nanna's arthritis). It also didn't work.

But last weekend I decided to dig it up. After going watch free for almost 8 years and cellphone free for the last year, I decided it was time for me to know the time. :)

So I dropped it off at my neighbourhood watch repair and the owner was SO great. He told me that it was a very good quality watch and just needed a good cleaning and a new winder (its a wind-up watch - no battery), he even said he would buff the scratches out of the crystal face.

I picked up the watch today and he was true to his word. I wish I had taken a before picture to really show the transformation. He did an amazing job and it works like a charm. Apparently it will keep working for another 50 years or so if I take care of it.

I'm so pleased that I was able to get an existing watch repaired and not buy a new one. But more importantly I'm happy to be wearing a watch with special meaning to me.

For those from Ottawa who have watches or clocks they'd like repaired, here are some places to check out:
  • Kayas Watch and Clock Shop (2121 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON)

  • L'horlage de l'outaouais (4 rue Farmer - Gatineau, QC)

  • Time Sharpening (15 Beechwood Ave, Ottawa, ON)

  • The Time Shop Inc (2660 Southvale Crescent, Ottawa, ON)

  • Watch Clinic (431 Bank St, Ottawa, ON)

Most jewelry stores will also repair watches.

Oh and for anyone keeping track of my January expenditures on consumer goods, this puts me just over my 10% of average for the month.

I had thought about crocheting a watch strap but in the end decided that this watch was too precious to me to risk losing so I bought a new strap. Total cost= $14.50.

I was at $90.28 for the month so far. With the watch strap I'm now at: $104.78. Not bad but still not great. Especially as I know I have some big expenses coming up!

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