Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cool event at the Wild Oat - Ottawa

Ended up at the Wild Oat tonight. Love that place. I think it's what hubby and I miss the most now that we no longer live in the Glebe.

Turns out it was fortuitous for us to stumble in there tonight as it meant we learned about an event series that we might not have otherwise.

It's called Science Cafe and it happens every second Wednesday from 6:30-7:30 at the Wild Oat. It's hosted by the faculty of Science at Carleton University.

Some upcoming talks of note include:

Feb. 11 - Green Biotechnology: Harnessing plant biomass for biofuels and biomaterials
Feb. 25 - Water blues: Bottled water vs. tap water
June 3 - The trade-off between housing density and sprawl area: Minimizing impacts to forest biodiversity

And if you can't get to discussions you want to because, oh I don't know, a 50 DAY bus strike, or if you are not from Ottawa, there are podcasts available.


Hannah said...

Neat! I've been to that restaurant too, its a neat place. There are also some upcoming talks open to the public on evolution at Carleton U, if you're interested:

The 2009 Discovery Lecture
An Evolutionary Doubleheader

Dr. Charles Goodnight, University of Vermont
"Evolution and its Causes"


Dr. Andrew Simons, Carleton University

"Darwinian Evolution: From Conception to Misconception"

Wednesday, February 4

7:30 p.m. Kailash Mital Theatre, Southam Hall, Carleton University

This is an open public lecture, with free admission.

For further information:

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Now that I can no longer get out into the world, it's good to know there is a way to access the world. Stupid strike. I love, love, love your blog by the way. And I thought you might be interested in the blog of a family in France who are doing a "slow-life". They are buying absolutely nothing for the entire school year. It's an awesome blog:

Green Grrl said...

Hannah, thanks for the tips on the other upcoming Carleton U events. :)

XUP, thanks for the kind words! :) Thank you also for sending that link. What an amazing blog and project. I am following along with great interest.

Urban Girl said...

Oh I love Wild Oat - wish they would have something like that on Beechwood! Used to drop by there once a month (went to the chiro close by) and would stock up on some of their pizzas and their raisin bread. Also love their meatless tortiere!