Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our love affair is over rubber gloves

Isn't if funny how sometimes the obvious things are the hardest to see?

I've always used rubber gloves to do the dishes. Always.

Never even questioned it.

Even though I regularly punctured the right glove within a few weeks. Even when the pile of still intact but useless left gloves piled up. Even when I threw the torn/punctured gloves in the garbage. I continued to buy more gloves.

But no more. Rubber gloves, you and I have had our last dance.

You are plastic. You are disposible. You and I are through.

Photo by How can I recycle this


Turboglacier said...

Never used them myself-- but aren't they usually latex, not plastic? At least that's sort of degradable...

Green Grrl said...

Hey Turboglacier,

Good point. My orignal internet search pulled up a lot of gloves made of vinyl, but after a bit more research it looks like lots are also made with latex.

Not sure what mine were. Either way, I'm glad I'm not using them anymore. :-)