Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why the Riot?

Last week there was a feature article in the NY Times about a number of people who are making huge strides in reducing their carbon footprint. One of those people featured was Sharon Astyk (one of the founders of Riot for Austerity). The NY Times interviewed Sharon and even went to Sharon's home to take pictures. Sharon and everyone who knew the article was coming was excited at the opportunity to reach a large audience with the lighter living message.

Unfortunately the NY Times wrote a crap article which practically accused Sharon of child abuse for making her children live in a house where the heat isn't cranked.

Today Sharon wrote an absolutely kick ass response on her blog.

You should read it.

It sums up everything I think about why living more lightly is important.

If you never click on another link I post, you should click on this one.

And in case anyone's interested, here is the NY Times article.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. I haven't read the original NYT article (I will) but can appreciate how this distortion happens given that difference has a history of being vilified.

Green Grrl said...

In case you weren't able to find the article, I added a link to it to my post.
Since the article is from last week it requires registering with the Times but it appears to be free. :)