Monday, October 20, 2008

Check me out!

I made bread! :)

After being completely intimidated by the bread making process for ages, I decided to give it a go yesterday.

I used a recipe from my The Place Below cookbook. I substituted 1/2 of the flour with local spelt flour.

Was actually quite easy (except for the kneading which was hard yet cathartic). Next time I'm going to try making it from all local flour. And perhaps a sourdough starter instead of yeast. If I do that I'll try No impact man's adaptation of Sandor Katz's sourdough bread.


Erika said...

Hi! I found your blog from Crunchy Chicken's blog... :-) I had to chuckle when I saw this post - not too long ago I posted about my bread-making:

Although I've been making bread for many months, I have only recently perfected it, and love the fact that I can turn a pile of flour,yeast, honey, and water into something that's "comparable" to what one might get from the store (not that, that, by any means, should be "the" standard...).

Good luck with your sourdough!


Green Grrl said...

Hey Erika!

Thanks for stopping by. :)

I've become quite addicted to baking bread now and was really sad that I couldn't make any last weekend because I was out of flour and there wasn't any at the farmers market.

I haven't braved the sourdough yet because I thought I should probably use all my yeast first (since it's taking up room in my cooler!). But I continue to be amazed that I can turn those simple ingredients into super delicious bread. :)

I read your post about bread making and it made me smile. I also don't pay any attention to how long I let the dough rise. And I always end up with water that is too hot that I have to cool down with more cold water.

Somehow it still magically works though.

Enjoy all your bread making!