Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thanksgiving activities

In between my constant snacking before dinner, I wandered down the garden to rescue the black walnuts that my brother and Dad had been using to practice their golf swings.

Here's what they look like after being removed from their fleshy green casings. After my brother told me that the last time he did this his hands were black for a week, I chose to wear gloves during that process.

What I do with them now I'm not edition of 'Stocking up' has a photo of a car driving over them in a purpose-made wooden trough. Don't think I want to try that so I'm going to let them dry out for a few days and then try cracking them open with a hammer.


Amber said...

On my way home from a walk yesterday I came across a huge pile of walnuts and made a mental note to look up if they have an edible use or not. This page provides some good information. I'm going back today and collecting a bunch!

Green Grrl said...

Hey Amber,
Thanks for the link. Learned some very useful things including that you shouldn't compost the shells of black walnuts. Did you get a good haul?