Monday, March 31, 2008

Low impact gifts

Here are some examples of gifts I gave recently. Since I'm trying to keep my consumer goods purchases to 10% of the average, I stuck (mostly) to second-hand and handmade gifts.

For hubby's b'day:
-4 second hand books from All Books and the Book Market
-a gift certificate for our favourite restaurant
-an antique whiskey glass from Champagne dit Lambert
-some candy from 7-11 (because it's a strange tradition)
-some hand made chocolates

For a friend's b'day:
a hand made journal:

I followed these instructions to construct the journal. And then these instructions for the embroidered cover. What you can't see in the pic is that I used paper that had already been printed on one side (non confidential paper from a friend's work). Also I used cardboard from discarded computer boxes from work and fabric I bought from used ottawa in the summer.

And these fingerless gloves:

I refined my earlier design - pattern to come (I'll put it in the comments). I made these ones with the yarn that was freecycled to me.


Amber said...

Beautiful projects! I especially love the handmade journal. I'd love to know how you put it all together.

Green Grrl said...

Thanks Amber! :)

As promised in my post, here is the pattern for the fingerless gloves.

I used fine (#2) yarn and a 3.5mm hook.

chain 31
slipstitch to join in a round
R1: sc in both loops
R2-14: sc in the back loop only
R14-21:continue to sc in the back loop only but increase by one on each row
R22: sc in the back loop for 34 (there should be 38 stitches total now in the round). After sc in the 34th stitch, chain 6, skip 8 chains and sc in the both loops of the 9th chain.
R23:sc in the back loops until you get to the chain 6. At this point sc through both loops of the chain 6.
R24: sc in the back loops
R25: decrease by one, sc in the back loops
R26-28: sc in the back loops
R29: slip stitch the last row to give a nice edge.
Weave in the ends.

-a variation that I'm doing at the moment includes a different colour strip at the top and bottom of each glove. To do that, the foundation chain and first two rows would be in one colour, then switch to the main colour, then at row 27 switch again and finish the last three rows in that colour.

Hope that makes sense! :)