Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Green travel

I had to travel for work recently and so I thought I'd blog about some of the things I did to green it up.

  • Brought my stainless steel water bottle so I didn't have to buy bottled water

  • Took the train instead of flying

  • Continued to selectively flush and take navy showers

  • Cancelled the newspaper left outside my room every day

  • Cancelled my turn down service (came back to my room the first night to lights and radio on!!)

  • Brought my own food in reusable containers for breakfasts and snacks

  • Hung up my towels each morning so they didn't get washed

  • Before leaving home, I researched nearby restaurants that I could walk to (found a great veg. restaurant)

  • Brought home all my paper waste to make sure it got recycled

  • Resisted the urge to use the cute, nice smelling bottles and tubes of shampoo, lotion, soap etc. in my bathroom. Instead I used my own shampoo, lotion, and soap that I'd brought from home.

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