Saturday, January 26, 2008

The numbers are in!

Well we were expecting the numbers to be good but I have to say I didn't expect this. Frankly I'm floored.

From Oct to Dec 2007 we used 6.1kWh/day. During the same period in 2005 (2006 is mysteriously missing) we used a whopping 19.2kWh/day!
our electricity usage
As you look at this, you might be thinking, "Doesn't look like that big a deal - the previous bill you used 7.6kWh/day so dropping to 6.1kWh/day isn't a big change". But, the thing is, since last bill we have turned on our electric heat. And still our bill went down.

The average Ontario household uses 12,000kWh per year or 32.88 kwh/day. So I'm really excited because at 6.1kWh/day we are getting really close to our 10% goal. Yay!

And here's the bottom line:
Oct-Dec 2007: $32.40
Oct-Dec 2005: $97.40

  • My electricity costs $0.089 /kWh because I get it from Bullfrog Power which is the only green power supplier in Ontario. More about that in another post. But for comparison's sake, if I was with Ottawa Hydro, the cost of my electricity for the last two months would have been $18.20.

  • The dollar amounts are for the electricity cost only - delivery charge, debt retirement charge etc. not included).

Now I should say that this reduction does not only reflect the big change we made of unplugging our fridge. We have made 2 other changes since last winter that are effecting our electricity consumption:

  1. We are only using the dryer for sheets. Everything else (clothes, towels etc.) is dried on racks.

  2. We turned our electric heat way down (our 3rd floor is heated with electric heat). The third floor is where we sleep. Last year we kept it at 65 day and 68 night. Now we keep it at 55 day and night.

For those who were really looking forward to finding out the savings from the fridge alone, you'll have to wait a few more months. By May the electric heat should be off and we'll be back to drying all our clothes (including sheets) outside, so we'll know better then.

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Amber said...

That's amazing! Well done. I'm impressed and inspired as always.