Saturday, June 23, 2012

The value of trees

There are a crap-load of "green" calculators on the web these days. A lot are pretty boring, or too generic/vague to provide anything of value. But this one caught my eye - The Ontario Residential Tree Benefits Estimator.

You select the type of tree, enter the diameter of the trunk, distance of the tree from the house (and some other things I am forgetting) and it spits out some really interesting stats like:
  • how much CO2 the tree will sequester over it's lifetime, and
  • how much stormwater is mitigated by the tree and
  • replacement value of the tree
The calculator estimates that the 4 main trees in our front and back yards will, over their lifetimes, sequester 18,884 kg of CO2 and will suck up a whopping 1,861,644 litres of stormwater!


Urban Girl said...

wow! love this - thanks for sharing.

(and yes, from your last post... I agree - I miss fresh air also when the windows are closed!)

Urban Girl said...

To all my green-minded friends - just read about this - seven more days to go:

(my apologies for posting this way on your blog!)

Green Grrl said...

Hey Urban Girl! Thanks for reminding us about the Midway kickstarter. I'm a huge supporter of this project, think Chris Jordan is a genius and have been following the midway crew since their first trip. Def. encourage everyone to check out what they are doing and to consider supporting them via kickstarter. I just contributed to the cause. :)