Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh crap

Well the big news around our house lately is that we got a puppy. His name is Henry and he's part cuteness and part monster. But we love him always even when we are wondering if there is such a thing as catnip for dogs and if so, why did they stuff our couch with it?? And why didn't the SPCA tell us he has this addiction?

Getting a puppy has had many unexpected consequences.... One of these is that hubby and I are now having a lot of conversations about poop.

Did he go? Where? How many times? Even... consistency? 1 week ago I would have found this utterly disgusting. How quickly things change!

On top of analysing his poop, we also needed to figure out how to dispose of it. Obviously I was not keen on putting it in plastic bags. Here in Ottawa we have a city wide composting program called the Green Bin Program. So the first thing I did was look through the printed green bin literature. I was very happy to see that animal waste was allowed. Yippee! So for the last week I've been picking his poop up with newspaper and putting it in the green bin. (full disclosure - he hasn't had all his shots yet so he doesn't leave our backyard).

For some reason in my sleepy stupor this morning (pre-puppy I rarely saw 8am on a Saturday now I'm up at 6am!), I decided to quickly double check the green bin web site to make sure the rules hadn't changed.

And sure enough they have.

Now dog waste is specifically mentioned as a 'do not put in the green bin' item.

So what should I do? Any suggestions from green dog owners out there?

In fact, any suggestions in general on how to green up dog ownership would be much appreciated! I'm thinking: food, toys, treats etc?

Henry and I say thank you. :)


TechChik said...

You can compost dog poop, which can be used to fertilize trees, shrubs and other non-food plants. seems to be a good source of info.

There are also a lot of dog treat recipies online, and I've even seen them sold at the Carp farmers market - check out the "Dirty Dog Gourmet Bakery"

Anonymous said...

How about flushing it down the toilet? That is what I do with my cat's poop.

Also, thanks for getting your little guy from the SPCA instead of from a pet store!

Urban Girl said...

Henry is so very, very cute! And sounds like a lot of fun!

I recall reading some posts on Green Living about their dog. Here's the one on pet waste:

Pamela said...

We have had this dilemma, too. We get biobags at the Berry's. There are two types: one really doesn't break down and the other one does. Of course, the ones that really do break down are rather expensive. Since we have a regular customer discount every two months, we just stock up then.

Also, our CSA send veggies in corn-based bags that will break down, so we try to reuse them for the dog.

I fantasize about a dog poop composter at the Central Park West dogpark, but I don't think the public is ready for that just yet.

Green Grrl said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the helpful advice! We are going to be digging an in-ground composter in the spring. I'll blog about it when we start digging. :)

Anonymous - I had heard that flushing dog poop was not a good idea as its impossible to pick up without also picking up rocks and twigs etc. that can mess up the city water treatment plants.

Pamela - thanks for the heads up re: the bags. I had no idea that some of the bags labeled "biodegradable" actually are not. Until we get the composter installed we are using the bio-bags. They are about 3 times more expensive but definitely worth it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your puppy! What a cutie! As soon as our yard thaws I'm going to dig a pit and install one of these:

here's another good how-to- I love the custom lid detail on this one:

I can't believe how much poop our rottie has made this winter. Now that the snow is gone, lots of hidden landmines have appeared. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find a shovel. haha.

Alewyfe (