Thursday, October 8, 2009

Can I just go on the record

And say I do not like auto flush toilets?

Go in the stall with a coat and a bag and the dang thing flushes while you are hanging everything up.

And if you don't stand perfectly still while doing the hover over the seat routine it will flush a few more times on you. Literally.

AND if you don't get out of that stall lightning fast (e.g. don't dilly dally grabbing your coat and bag) it will flush another few times for good measure.

THAT is one big waste of water.

Can I just go back to flushing with my foot please? No germs and no superfluous flushing!

This dude seems to agree about the auto flush:


Bean said...

I totally agree! Here's another video for you to check out on AutoFlush toilets. This is a comedian. The part about the toilet is from minutes 1:58 to 3:40.

Irma said...

Funny, my experience with them has been the exact opposite. Oh, the number of times I have risen, done up my pants, and turned aorund and stared at the silent toilet. Flush! FLUSH DAMN YOU! Much waving of hands in front of the sensors to make it work!

chris said...

ha ha - i totally agree! They make me jump every time flush and seem totally pointless

Claire (can't vouch for Chris' opinion!)

Green Grrl said...

Hi Bean. Just checked out the youtube vid. V. funny! :)

Hey Irma! Lol. :)

C - Knew you'd agree! :)