Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to make a rug out of old t-shirts

Got a bunch of old t-shirts kicking around? Perhaps you bought them at concerts years ago, or perhaps you were given them for participating in a sporting event. Either way, we both know you aren't going to wear them. The most action they are going to get is being slept in. If they are lucky.

Meanwhile they take up room in your drawers making it hard to find the shirts you DO want to wear.

What's the solution?

Turn them into a rug!

It's super easy. First you have to turn the t-shirts into yarn. Here is a really easy tutorial for how to do that. The tutorial is for plastic bags but the concept is the same. Basically you cut strips from the bottom of the t-shirt and arms so that you have a pile of loops. Then you connect the loops like in the video and voila!

T-shirt yarn.

Then all you have to do is crochet it into a rug.

That's my rug at the top. The colours probably aren't ones I necessarily would have chosen but it was what I had on hand. Plus I was able to repurpose my most favourite but worn out plaid pajama pants (sexy!).

I used an 8.0mm hook, made a foundation chain of 30, and did 15 rows of single crochet. The end result is a small rug 3' x 1.5'.


Irma said...

If only I knew how to crochet! I knit, I quilt, I embroider, I sew, but crochet? Fuggetaboutit. I don't know anyone in real life to show me, and the one time I tried to learn from a book I was in tears within half an hour.

Can I send you my old Tshirts, lol!

Green Grrl said...

Hey Irma,

Too bad you live so far away, I'd trade you some crochet lessons for some quilting lessons! :)

If you aren't up for crocheting, here's something else you can do with old t-shirts