Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dried citrus peel

I was inspired by crunchy chicken's post today.

lemon peel left to dryI love the idea of using every last bit of food so that nothing is wasted. I especially love the idea of taking something that would go into the composter and turning it into something usable (in a later post I'll share a pickled watermelon rind recipe that's divine!). However as much as I like candied peel (really), I'm trying not to use too much sugar. So I've decided to make dried peel out of the lemons that I use for my hot honey and lemon drink (below). Turns out there are all kinds of uses for this dried peel. You can:
  • add it to rice as it's cooking

  • grind it up and add it to recipes or add it to pepper to make lemon pepper

  • put it in simmering water to make your house smell nice

  • add it to other dried herbs to make yummy herbal tea

Here's how you do it:
-peel your citrus fruit using a vegetable peeler so you get the rind and not the pith
-leave out to dry on a baking sheet or plate
-this will work the best in times of low humidity (i.e. not the summer months in the Ottawa Valley)
-once the peel is dried (5 days max), store in a jar.

*note: use only organic, pesticide free fruit for this recipe


Amber said...

These are great ideas!
I like to use my lemons ends as cleaning scrubbers.
I sprinkle a little salt on whatever surface I'm cleaning, counter, sink etc... and scour away with the lemon end. It works really well on grease and stuck on dirt, is a fantastic germ killer, smells great and it's completely non-toxic!
Now if only we could find local lemons......

Urban Girl said...

I love the idea of grinding it and using it in teas!

Will have to try drying some this summer.