Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kevin Kossowan's 1 hr veg garden

Kevin Kossowan, an urban gardener/farmer, locavore and blogger from Edmonton whom I greatly admire recently began a new project he titled 'the 1 hr garden'. The goal of the project is to bust the myth that it takes a lot of time to grow your own food. The video below tells the story. Since Kevin made this video he has started selling greens from his garden (including the 1 hour garden) as part of an urban farm cooperative. And in his words "First 1hr Garden harvest = $8 sale price at market. 1/2 hr in, $16/hr and just starting. "

Not bad eh?


Urban Girl said...

This is great! It definitely will help people understand what it takes to garden!

Green Grrl said...

So true! Was also a good reminder to me that I can be way more efficient in my gardening than I am usually. :-)

Arcly said...

This blog looks interesting! It is too bad you are not posting any more :(.