Monday, May 23, 2011


I spent a good part of the weekend filling* my new raised beds with sand and soil and then planting one of them with:
3 types of tomatoes
4 types of lettuce
3 types of bush beans
beets and

This is my first year using the square foot method so I also spent some time googling this and learning how much of each type of veg can go in each square.

Fortuitously, one of the search results was The Man Who Planted Trees on you tube. It's lovely.

*with a huge amount of help from hubby, L & C.


Urban Girl said...

Haven't checked out the videos yet - but will! I so want to grow some bush beans - my pole beans were very meager last year! But it will have to wait as we are moving right in the middle of growing season - so this summer it's all about the farmer's market! Glad our new place is still close so we can go to the local Hannah one.

OPineJournal said...

Love the video, and I am benefiting right now from my small garden's bounty. I work full time and have a long (bus/metro) commute, and so don't have a lot of garden time, but with very little effort, I'll have hundreds of tomatoes to can!

Also, our stats in terms of using percentages of average consumer are VERY similar.