Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's a Really Really Free Market?

A really really free market is basically like a yard sale crossed with a farmers market.

Except that everything is free.

No really.


I'm so excited that this this weekend marks Ottawa's first really really free market!

It's being organized by fullcircles ottawa.

Here are the deets:
Date: Saturday Sept. 18, 2010
Time: 10:00-14:00 (drop off of items starts at 8:30)
Location: 236 Levis Avenue, 1 block south of Montreal Road via Olmstead or Begin Streets

There isn't a ton of info about this event on line but I got the below from fullcircles earlier last week.

Update to Members: Full Circles Ottawa is sponsoring Ottawa's first Really Really Free Market and we are counting down the days to the event on Saturday, September 18th from 8am - 4pm. The market opens to the public at 10 am but drop off starts at 8:30.

The location has not changed but the venue has and we are moving to the lot across from Assumption School and will be using the lot at the school for parking. We are now visable from Montreal Road and should attract visitors who are not aware of the event. We are also tied into Community Events on that weekend and have been placed on the schedule.

If you can donate any time on Saturday September 18th the FCO would be very indebted to you.

A certified OES eWaste collector will be on hand and will be accepting drop offs from 8:30 am.

The event is outdoors and we are a go regardless of weather. We have the support of the Ottawa Catholic School Board, Vanier Community Service Center, The Ottawa Food Bank and the Vanier Business Assocation.

Tables and tent tops are being loaned to us by the Vanier CSC and Vanier Business Association. So FCO volunteers will be sheltered regardless of weather.

I am expecting every dealer and re-seller in the city to show up earlier than we are ready and so I need a volunteer to work the entrance with me and I need 3 more to unload boxes and put items in the appropriate areas.

We also will be hosting a bevy of green and free vendors who are coming to us from outside the group.

For more info: 613-322-5372 shelbycooper13 (at)


Amber said...

I've been meaning to comment and say I'm sooo happy to see you back in blog land! :) And thanks for the sweet mention a couple of posts back. Made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Back atcha!

Maybe see you at the RRF market tomorrow?

Green Grrl said...

Thanks Amber! Def see you at RRF. Will call ya tonight....I'm also going to the farmers market to get milk so if you need a ride to the RRF market.... :)

Shelby said...

Hi, my name is Kelly and I'm This was Ottawa's First Really Really Free Market and in the end the organization finally came together and was a huge success. I'd like to thank you for making Full Circles Ottawa's Really Really Free Market the topic for this blog. I hope you are a group member. If you join our groups membership is absolutely free and its like going to an online free market every day of the year.

We also trade tips on our cafe and your blog topics are remarkably similar to our discussions. I invite you to cross post your blog on our cafe and appreciate your sharing our link.

Kelly Wilson
Community Liaison & Event Coordinator

Green Grrl said...

Hi Shelby,

Yep, I'm a member of Full Circles Ottawa and I totally encourage everyone else to be members too.

For anyone who doesn't know, Full Circles Ottawa (used to be called Freecycle Ottawa) is like or craigslist, except everything is free!

I'll be sure to check out the cafe!

annabe said...

Hey you! Love this post and the really really free market. I am signing up for sure.

Looking forward to catching up.