Saturday, August 21, 2010


Today may have been grey and rainy but it happened to also be one of my favourite days so far this summer.

First I headed to the farmer's market where I bought among other things: some organic corn, elderberries, blackberries, and a yellow watermelon on special because it had been dropped and was split (only $2!).

At the market I met a dear friend and we proceeded on to the arboretum for a walk amongst the trees.

Once home I:
1. made elderberry syrup using elderberries, honey and some vodka. For sore throats, coughs and general deliciousness
2. blanched the corn and put it in the dehydrator
3. put some of the watermelon in the dehydrator (an experiment)
4. made some 'hot fudge sauce' using honey, the blackberries and some fair trade cocoa. (will go on crepes for tomorrow's breakfast)
5. husked and cleaned approx. 50 black walnuts (adding to the stash of 70 already drying in my sunroom)
6. tried and failed to fix my knitting. Gah. Have a hole. Mum! Help!
7. sat back and watched a few episodes of Kirstie's homemade home (lovely programme about refinishing a home using predominantly second hand and hand-crafted items).

Wonderful day. :) Now it's time for bed.

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