Monday, December 7, 2009

Why local art is a green choice for xmas

Thanks to a series of random but fortuitous events, I ended up at Cyclelogik's 2nd Annual Christmas Art Show on Sat. night. What a great night. The walls were covered with art from 20 local artists (all of which was for sale). Plus there was amazing food by Essence catering and some great beats courtesy of Mr//Greg.

But let's get to the point of this post - because it's not just about what I did on a Saturday night (although woo hoo - I was out on a sat night!). It's about how local art can be part of a green gift giving strategy.

Now don't get me wrong, I think homemade gifts made with re purposed materials, or second hand items make the greenest gifts. But I think local art comes a close third.

Buying local art is a green choice because it eliminates the massive amount of carbon emissions generated from transporting goods around the world, and it's also a green choice from an adapting to a peak oil world point of view. Transitioning to a world where oil is less plentiful means supporting local economies. And the post peak oil corner of the world that I want to live in is one with a thriving art community.

Plus when you buy local art, you might just find art that is made with repurposed materials thus combining options 1 and 3, like this little beauty that come January will be gracing my walls (its currently still on the wall at Cyclelogik):
by abi lyon wicke

Want to buy some local art before Christmas? A lot of the sales have finished for the season(including the giant Tarts and Crafts event). However there is at least one more... on Dec. 12 between 11am - 5pm, check out 'A Crafty Christmas' at 408 Leighton Terrace (613-722-7922) featuring the work of abi lyon wicke and Andrea Stokes. A portion of the sales will be donated to the Ottawa Food Bank.


Anonymous said...

Hey - thanks for the promo for my work and that of my fellow local art producers. There's a lot of great talent in the neighbourhood and we appreciate the encouragement :) Keep checking back to Cyclelogik, as we're trying to have quarterly shows there - each with a fantastic and well-worth-attending opening!

See you Saturday, maybe?

Cheers, abi

Irma said...

The art you bought is freaking GORGEOUS. Have you ever been to Atlantic Canada? Because if you haven't? You don't need to come, just look at the piece. I have never seen anything that captured what this part of the world is all about the way that did. Great find!!

Green Grrl said...

Hi Abi,
You're very welcome!
Yep I'm hoping to be there on Sat. and I will certainly keep an eye out for future Cyclelogik shows. :)

Hey Irma!
I know isn't it geat! :) It's funny you say that about Atlantic Canada because when I saw the piece I immediately thought of the house lashed to the rock in the Shipping News. And yep, hubby and I have taken a few trips to the east coast. We love it! Most recent was this summer's trip to PEI. NS and NB are next on our list! :)

Anonymous said...

I totally love this piece! The local art that has found it's way to my house has brought me a lot of happiness during this gray season.

I'm totally digging the andrea sutton ( poncho I got at the open house on the weekend. Thanks for taking me!

Hannah said...

I absolutely agree! Ottawa has so many talented artists too, that its crazy not to shop around here for that perfect Holiday item!:)