Saturday, September 26, 2009

The crisp days of fall

I love these days. The ones where the sun is shining, but you need a sweater to go outside. Maybe some fingerless gloves too. The air is fresh, and the colours are vivid.

The garden is slowing down. Has been such a funny year. Up until yesterday we were still harvesting pole beans and zucchini. Good thing really because the zucchini didn't start producing until about a month ago. I don't think we'll get any more though. If the forecasters were right, we got a good frost last night. Soon I'll go down to the garden to see how everything survived. I covered up all the tomatoes with tarps and sheets. Cross your fingers. As much as I love the fall, I'm not ready to admit that the growing season is over for this urban homestead.

With things slowing down and the weather getting cooler, I have begun hauling out the things that have been for the most part growing dust over the summer. Like my trusty second hand sewing machine. Actually trusty is a crappy way to describe her. She's kind of a pain in the ass. On a bad day, she'll jam, sew wonky and just generally be temperamental. But I still like her.

And as you've gathered from the last post, I'm getting back into knitting and crocheting. Well I will be once I deal with that gd mess of yarn. Worked on it all night last night and I'm still not done. I think I really have learned my lesson this time!

Once I get the yarn sorted I'll be using it to make a scarf with this pattern. I'm a beginner knitter so I wanted something simple but also something that looked nice from both sides and was a bit different.

I'm also hoping to make some of these things. Melanie Falick Books are giving away 20 knitting and sewing patterns for FREE from a number of their books. Some really cute stuff in there. Can you say "Christmas presents" anyone?

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