Monday, November 17, 2008

No more paper towels

Inspired by Peak Oil Hausfrau's Zero Waste Kit that I found thanks to Unstuffed, I thought I'd make myself a hand towel to carry around.

My embroidery leaves something to be desired to be sure (but practice makes perfect right?). The towel itself is made from an old t-shirt.

Now I just have to remember to carry it to the bathroom and kitchen at work. In the meantime I apologize to my co-workers who have to grab wet door handles because I left my towel at my desk!


Amber said...

I love this! Such a great idea. After seeing it, you inspired me to bring my own towel to work. We have a bathroom in the clinic, so I can keep my towel discretely hung up in the cupboard under the sink. But even though it's right there I'm still so used to reaching for the paper towel that sometimes I forget to use it.
Old habits die hard I guess, but I'm determined to make a new habit with my towel!

Theresa said...

Hey, that's great! And your stitching looks good to me! Hm..I think I will go ahead and make those eye glass-cleaning cloths out of a pair of flannel pajama bottoms like I've been thinking about....