Saturday, September 20, 2008


Here's the latest on our electricity usage:

Factoring in the slight blip in April when we got a new meter and our usage was recorded twice, you'll see that after a steady decline since we started the Riot, on our last bill our electricity use increased.

Aug-Oct 07: 7.6 KWh/day
Oct-Dec 07: 6.1 kWh/day
Dec-Feb 08: 5.8 kWh/day
Feb-Apr 08: 4.7 kWh/day
Apr-June 08: 4.1 kWh/day
June-Aug 08: 4.5 kWh/day

Time to step it up.

Things we started doing this week to save more energy:
  • Unplugging the tv, dvd, and all computer related stuff (modem, pc, printer etc.) when not in use. Yeah, I know, this is totally a no brainer. We were just lazy.

  • Unplugging the microwave when not in use. We were procrastinating on this because the plug is behind the fridge (I want that thing out of my kitchen but it doesn't fit through the door. Sigh). So, we put an extension cord behind the fridge and now it is easy to unplug the microwave.

Things we need to do:
  • Watch less tv. Am in negotiations with hubby.

Things we were already doing:
  • hang our clothes to dry year round

  • only run the dishwasher and washing machine when full

  • unplugged our fridge

  • keep our electric heat (only in our bedroom) at 55 degrees (12.8 Celsius)

  • get our electricity from Bullfrog Power (they only use low impact hydro and wind power - no nuclear or coal)

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Theresa said...

We're on Bullfrog power too! Wind generated here in Alberta. Those are some nice numbers! Ours are about 7.5 in summer, so we have some work to do.