Monday, August 4, 2008

long weekend breakfast

Its a long weekend here so I thought I'd make myself a breakfast treat.

This is the pretty but deconstructed version. For true deliciousness you need to unfold the crepe, sprinkle in that maple sugar (from Springdale Farm), add some blueberries (from Ferme la Rosée), roll it up and sprinkle some more maple sugar on top. Then eat ensuring that each bite has a bit of crepe, sugar and blueberry.

Here's the recipe:

150g spelt flour (whole grain - I wasn't sure that would work but it really did!)
300ml milk
1 egg
(plus lots of butter for the frying pan)

-mix all ingredients together (the batter will be v. runny)
-add a ladle full to a v. hot frying pan and swirl around until you have a thin even coating of batter at the bottom of the pan).
-wait a few minutes, flip, wait a minute or so, and its done.


Keenan said...

Looks delicious!

chris said...

My mouth is watering, why oh why don't you live down the road!??

Green Grrl said...

Keenan, thanks! I have to admit they tasted pretty good too. :)

Chris (assuming this is the Chris I think it is), if you and your lovely wife and your lovely daughter come to visit I'll make you pancakes every day!